Uncovered: The Causes Of Insomnia

Nien is a sleep disorder, caused by problems in falling asleep, difficulty in staying asleep.

If you are an insomniac You are not alone, there are millions of people worldwide suffer from insomnia And it is a condition that tends to be worse in older people than in younger.

The three types of insomnia:

1 - Temporary insomnia - this is a temporary insomnia, you may suffer for a night or for a week or so.
2-Acute insomnia - that is, if you are not able to sleep well for a period between three weeks and six months.
3 - Chronic insomnia - this is the most serious type of nocturnal insomnia and continue for a long time.

insomnia can:

1-stress, anxiety, fear, any kind of psychological tensions
2-stimulants such as drugs, alcohol, caffeine and smoking
3-Hormonal changes
4-depression, or any kind of mental illness
5-Medical conditions, as sleep apnea, and other Hypo
6-eberm�ige of insomnia drugs can cause a rebound insomnia and then
7-Parasomnie - including nightmares and sleepwalking

If your insomnia is getting to the point that it is in your daily work by the extreme exhaustion, you need to seek help and to the bottom of the cause.

To treat insomnia need to treat the cause. Taking drugs insomnia is not the cause resolve and may lead to more problems.

relying on sleeping tablets to rest, you represent that you may always physically dependent on the medication leads to withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop taking the medication.

Psychologisch also, the sleeping tablets can lead to a dependency when you start to focus on the drugs and can not accept that you sleep without drugs.

Are there natural resources you can use to help you sleep is not addictive but you can still end up with a psychological problem is not in a position to accept that you can sleep without the medication.

knowledge of natural medicines for a short time can help to the habit of sleep, as long as you are sure to accept that you will be able to sleep without it, if you take them .

How Stress is a major factor in causing insomnia, it is important to try to deal with stress in a better way. There is a lot of stress management books and courses available, and if you are on top of the stress in your life, then it will make a big difference, as you sleep.

If you go to bed stressed, your mind is not in a position to rest. They lie in bed thinking about the stressful situation over and over the prevents you from sleeping. If you fall asleep in your opinion is still active, and you are not in a position to a deep sleep.

It is important to relax, before sleep, so that a deep level of sleep.

They can help you relax by practicing relaxation techniques, such as yoga, which also help you to deal with your stress more effectively.