DIY Christmas Wreath

While I don't study anymore, but enjoy a sort of vacation for the moment, I finally have time to make more stuff. I love making stuff, clothes, accessories, decorations, I love it all! So sometimes I actually use that time to make something. With Christmas coming up, I decided to make a wreath. I got to the store to buy the supplies and got to work. Here're the results and a little DIY guide.


The one thing you'll definitely need, is the foam base for the wreath. All other materials are of your choice. To decorate, I got an organza ribbon of 500 cm, which was just enough to go around the foam base. I'm a sucker for plastic apples, berries and mushrooms, so I got wild and bought a lot of them. As berries and mushrooms are more Fall appropriate, I bough a plastic Poinsettia plant to add that Christmas flavor.


Wrap the ribbon around the foam base. I divided the ribbon in two equal parts and started wrapping in two ways. It would have been better to just secure one end and wrap it all around. I sew the ends together at the back of the base, to secure the ribbon.


I cut off some leaves of the Poinsettia to start decorating the wreath.


Just start pinning and securing whatever materials you have onto the base. Make sure it doesn't fall off straight away. I used pinning needles to secure the leaves. You can also use glue or a glue gun, but I didn't want to make a mess, so I played it safe.


I must say, I'm pretty pleased with the result. It took me a small hour to make it and it's actually pretty easy. So don't be affraid and get your DIY skillzzz used!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Much more DIY stuff coming up in 2013.