Men At Work

Nope, not the '80's Aussie band. I just wanted to let you faithful and sleepless readers know that the blog is undergoing a complete redesign, which means occasionally you may end up here and see some fairly wonky stuff going on.

As a brief explanation, the site is being redesigned because I have just been sponsored by a sleep research clinic located at a very reputable hospital, and as such I will be adding sponsors and migrating visitors over from their own sleep disorder static site.

This is a huge job for someone who thinks "code" means my credit card pin number. Doh! Please be patient gentle reader!! In the meantime, for some reading on other subjects that are close to my heart, as well as some faithful subscriber blogs, please head to Juicing Recipes or to The Interior Living Room . They don't have insomnia info unfortunately, but both are great reads for your health, and for remodeling your home, things many of us think about on sleepless nights. Also, the site owners there are.
  • far ahead of me in knowing how to make a blog look decent
  • too busy to help me figure out this nonsense, and
  • very passionate about their subject matter.
I hope to have everything back to normal within the week. In the meantime, if you decide not to visit my subscriber blogs, you can read my recent posts What's Under Your Pillow, and 5 Insomnia Cures You Already Knew as they contain some golden nuggets of insomnia research and facts.

Feel free to comment if there's anything you may want to see included in the new site design. :)