Jeans & loafers

Lately I've fallen into a comfort zone of pants and loafers. I turn to comfortable clothes for casual days, sometimes accessorizing to give it a little special feel. When you have no where to go and nothing special to do, it's just easy. I guess I'm getting older.
Yesterday, when wearing a skirt I even felt kind of uncomfortable, though that can be due to the over sweetness feel of the overall outfit. 

I'm struggling to welcome fall. All of a sudden it's too cold and I'm already freezing while wearing an oversized knitted sweater and a leather jacket.
Oh, well, nothing to do about it. The only plus is the softer light. I hate it when it's too bright.

Longing for those warmer days.

Wearing: H&M blouse, necklace, ring & studded bracelet, Silence + Noise jeans, Essentiel loafers, ebay claw cuff, American Apparel earrings.

I noticed that a lot of my readers are a fan of my claw bracelet, so here it is again. I also have it in silver, will show it soon. For those who want one too, just search ebay, lot's of them at a good price!