Weight loss without Exercise: Top Foods to burn Belly fat

Certain foods help in burning down excess fat and are often referred to as ‘fat burning foods’. These foods have a unique ability to make you feel full and burn more calories than what you consume and aid in weight loss. These foods help achieve a ‘size zero’ belly without having to undergo a strenuous exercise schedule.

Top Foods to burn belly fat

 There are certain foods that help burn down excess of fat quickly and promptly without exercise. Here are some of the top foods which are readily available food items, that have been known to be beneficial in losing excess fat and aid in quick weight loss,
  • Dairy Products: As per a study published in the International Journal of Obesity in 2005, found that low fat dairy products are beneficial in weight loss. Dairy products are rich in calcium and protein and aid in weight loss without affecting the muscle mass of the body. Studies have indicated that low fat dairy products hasten weight loss by three to four times.
  • Cinnamon helps in weight loss
  • Ginger: Ginger has profound properties or creating vasodilatation which in turn increases the body’s basal metabolic rate by over 20%. Further, ginger is known detoxify the body, which helps in elimination of toxins and waste products and further aids in the process of weight loss. It is recommended to add ginger to your diet or consume ginger tea
  • Cinnamon: Another beneficial spice for weight loss, cinnamon is known to lower blood sugar levels and hasten the process of weight loss. As per the United States Drug Administration, daily consumption of one-fourth teaspoon of cinnamon, improves metabolism of sugar by twenty percent.

 Weight loss without Exercise

Dietary fiber plays a crucial role in aiding the process of weight loss. Dietary fiber creates a sense of satiety which in turn makes an individual feel full quickly. Further foods that are rich in dietary fiber are low in fat content, which in turn is beneficial in the process of weight loss. Some foods that can help in weight loss without exercise include,

    Oranges are rich in Vitamin C
  • Vegetables like beans, cabbage, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, etc and Fruits like apple, grapes and berries are high in dietary fiber which further improves digestion and alleviate constipation
  • Citrus foods like oranges, lemon, and grapes are high in Vitamin C which plays a crucial role in liquefying the fat in the body and using it for generating energy. These fruits are essential ingredients of any detoxification program. Alkaline diet plays a crucial role in aiding the process of weight loss and offers other health benefits
  • Essential Fatty Acids help in improving the level of leptin, a hormone which works towards faster metabolism and prevents obesity. Fish is the best source of Essential Fatty acids. Some fish with high EFA content include herring, mackerel, wild salmon and fresh tuna.
  • Green tea is also beneficial in promoting weight loss

These foods are beneficial as they help metabolism fat faster, lower blood sugar levels and improve digestion. These foods are also beneficial in the management of chronic ailments including cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.