Forward to the past

As girl who had long hair for the biggest part of her life, you can't stop imagining 
how you'd look with short hair.
I refuse to cut my hair off. Many people admire my hair. I'm just blessed with the most straight hair, that's naturally healthy. Although I dye my hair from the age of 14. My current hair color resembles my natural hair color, a faint red shine is still there. I used to have dark red hair for a long time.

I wanted to try out the 20's waves hairstyle. This is how it all started. My hair almost reaches my waist now, and for this hair style you need to have a short bob. I first put the wave in my hair with a curling iron and pinned my hair away at the back. I was surprised that it actually worked, this was the first time I tried this hair style.
To finish the look I did a dark 20's make-up. My outfit, on other hand, was more 40's meeting current times.
Clashing era's doesn't bother me. I like to experiment with looks and styles.
I received many nice compliments that night. 
Lately I've experimenting with a lot of different hair styles and the waves will surely be used again one day!

I wore: COS lace top, C&A skirt, Hell's Belles bag, H&M lace bra and shoes