Importance of Breathing Correctly: Pranayama, Deep Breathing and Their Profound Mental, Physical and Spiritual Benefits

No one can live for more than a few minutes without breathing; however, most of the people are unaware about the importance of breathing properly. Improper breathing means you are using only a fraction of the potential respiratory capacity.

Breathing Correctly is
Important for Health
Deep Breathing and Its Significance: Breathing For Health

When you inhale, you take in oxygen in the lungs and it is transported via the bloodstream to every cell within the body. Oxygen is essential for the process of metabolism (i.e. the process wherein the cells breakdown the chemicals in the food to simpler compounds and generate energy). Oxygen rich blood is pumped to all the pars of the body and used in metabolism.

Breathing Correctly Is Very Important
Breath is seen as the outward manifestation of prana or the vital force that flows through your body. By breathing right and exercising control over your breathing, you can control the subtle energies within the body and thus gain full control over your mind.

In yogic breathing exercises (pranayama), the breath is a very important link between our physical and mental aspects. Pranayama strengthens the physical body and calms, clears and steadies our mind. What’s more, pranayama proffers spiritual / pranic benefits as well, helping you attain self realization.

Benefits of Pranayama: Mental and Physical Benefits of Correct Breathing

The benefits of pranayama are overwhelming. Pranayama offers you physical, mental and pranic (spiritual) benefits:
Physical Benefits of Pranayama

Correct breathing comprises of a 3-part movement: first the diaphragm causes the abdomen to expand and fill the lower portion of the lungs. Then, the inter-costal muscles expand and fill the middle portion of the lungs. And finally, the clavicles lift and allow the upper part of the lungs to fill. 
Happiness and Tranquility
with correct breathing

  • The chief physical benefit is a rich and adequate supply of oxygen to all the cells of the body, thus generating efficient functioning.
  • Metabolic rate is optimal and all the nutrients are assimilated.
  • Proper breathing helps your body to get rid of all the noxious wastes effectively and detoxifies the body

Mental Benefits of Pranayama

Your brain needs more oxygen than other organs of the body. Deep breathing has always been recommended for optimal stress management. A lack of oxygen to the brain denotes poor concentration, irritability and reduced control over one’s emotions. 
  • Pranayama promises improved concentration and memory and improves attention span.
  • It increases the ability to deal with complex and difficult situations, without subjecting your body to stress
  • Correct breathing teaches good emotional control and helps reduce anxiety

 Pranic (Spiritual) Benefits of Pranayama and Correct Breathing

 The prana is subtle energy; it flows through the chakras and nadis. The chakras are energy centers that are connected to the nadis or channels through which the subtle energy flows. 

  •  When the prana is consciously controlled, it is a powerful vitalizing and rejuvenating force.
  • Once you are able to control your prana, it can be manipulated for self development and healing.
  • It helps you achieve stillness and tranquility and instills calmness