Barcelona recap

Well, first of all, I'm back. I didn't plan a break, but due to some personal problems and a little burn out I suffered, I had to take it easy. It ain't all glamour, far from it, I tell ya. But not to focus on the bad for the moment. I still owe you a recap of my trip to Barcelona. I was lucky enough to go on holiday twice in one month. Low budget holidays are possible! Me and my bestie took off to Barcelona, with little cash in our pockets. We split the cost of the flight and the hotel in half. On our way we dreamed of shopping at Zara.
Yes, we don't even dream big, Zara makes us happy already.
Big was our surprise when she couldn't withdraw money from any ATM in town. We only had some cash for food and metro. Quite and adventure, but luckily we planned on meeting with friends of hers, who were there on holiday as well and who could give us a loan. The whole scenario would've been a lot worse if it wasn't for them. 
Luckily we survived and had a great time, but only went to Zara to drool over all the goods and leave empty handed. It was hard, but we survived. For those who don't read sarcasm, I'm just kidding and there are worse things in life.

Anyhow, our trip was short, but memorable. We tried to see as many tourist sight seeing as possible in two days and spend one day in Lloret de Mar where the friends have an apartment.
I'm not going to divide the pictures into different posts and just going to post them all at once.

Parc del Laberint

Me and Eros just chilling.

Parc G├╝ell

My bestie is quite a diva!

Don't let the clouds fool you, it still was hot.


Sagrada Familia

Casa Gaudi

Lloret de Mar

I could've stayed there forever (ok, for a long time).