Smart look

Glasses are just another addition to the wonderful world of accessories. The right model makes or breaks your face and look. Luckily I've been blessed with 100% sight, so I don't need to wear glasses yet. Though, one day I'll need a pair and I already know exactly which pair to choose. I'm a major sucker for cat eye glasses, which are witty, classy and elegant as hell. Finding cat eye glasses or sunnies in stores isn't always easy, but the internet is a magical place where everything is just a few clicks away.
Smart Buy Glasses is a site that offers a major amount of glasses and sunglasses. You probably already heard about it. If you are searching for a special pair of glasses, you have a big chance of finding them there. The site is also very practical, not only can you choose from different designers, but also from different frame models. Just select the frame you prefer and a selection of glasses or sunnies pops up.

I've been browsing through cat eye frames and found some nice pieces. Oh, the beauty of cat eyes!
I ship these glasses so hard!

I hope Tom Ford keeps up his incredible work for years to come, so when I finally need a pair of glasses I can get one. Isn't this just perfection?! I really prefer a bold statement frame to the boring 'office' glasses.

The great thing about the site is that you can choose prescription lenses for any sunglasses. So still looking stylish and keeping the comfort of glasses during those sunny days.

One of my favorite looks from Marilyn. She wore this pair of glasses while shooting 'How to Marry a Millioner'.

These girls could perfectly fit in at the Mad Men office.