The Madness Begins

I'm afraid that I'll quite often be slightly crabby when writing here, due to the lack of sleep and whatnot.
Although, on one hand, I enjoy being up late and being able to read and hang out, I also really would like to sleep when the other people (like my husband) do and then be able to actually enjoy part of the actual daylight before going to work or turning in for the night.

I always feel guilty when I'm not reading my Bible when I'm up late. Psalm 119 continually talks about meditating on the Word day and night and then you'll be wise, healthy, etc. And I believe that and I want to have the desire to just pick up my Bible more often, it's just that I am so tired and just want to vegetate and not think. But I sure make a heck of a lot more time for television than I do for God.

That's depressing. But I'll not be pessimistic (although, again, the sleepiness and crabbiness make that hard...). I'm a work in progress.

I think that this is all for today. Perhaps you won't hear from me tomorrow! A girl must have faith that sleep will come.