Casual MMM

So everybody noticed the craze about the last H&M collab with Maison Martin Margiela (if you didn't, you probably are blind or live on a deserted island). Who didn't know MMM, got to know it, who didn't love it, got to love it, that's how 90% of these collabs work, that's how smart marketing works
As I mentioned on my blog page and on twitter, I'm kind of tired of all these collaborations, they became so frequent, the new has worn off. If the collection is not in stores yet, the build up for the release is huge. When the collection is over, everybody forgets about it. After a month a lot of the pieces, that seemed so great when you just got your hands on them, end up on ebay. For, at least, twice as much.
I don't say these designer collaborations are bad, but too much is too much. Young people, who crave to belong to the fashion elite, close their eyes to the malfunctions, such as noticeable difference in quality. 
Also, the prices for pieces from an H&M collab are only getting higher and higher each time. It all ended for me when they started to queue up at 5 and 6am to be the first in line. It's still H&M, people!
If I'm really interested, I go and get a look, later that day, to see if some of the pieces are still there.

So far, in my closet are pieces from the earlier collaborations with Roberto Cavalli and Comme des Garçons, a necklace from Lanvin which I bought later and accessories from Anna Dello Russo. Pretty modest, if you ask me. I'd never forgive myself for not buying that red tulle dress from the Lanvin collab, especially as they were on sale afterwards. But life goes on and I hope my wardrobe will expand with some real designer pieces in the future. Because you still rather have the real deal, no? I, certainly, do.

Well, with the latest MMM collab, I decided to pull my Margiela dress out of the closet. This dress is one of my most treasured pieces, found some years ago on ebay, for a soft price. It's the perfect, warm maxi dress, which at first sight looks plain, but as with all MMM pieces, it's all in the details. The upper part of the dress is assymmetrical. It's perfect for a special occasion, with some extra accessories, or just as a plain maxi for a casual, but classy look. The dress already shows some signs of wear, it's probably from the late 90's, but that's just what makes it so special. This dress has a life, a history and was made when dear Martin Margiela was still the head of his label.

Margiela has always been one of my favorite designers and I wanted his clear wedge boots for forever, unfortunately, I still don't own a pair. Le sigh*

Wearing: c/o River Island jacket, Maison Martin Margiela dress, H&M necklace, Michael Kors watch, Zara shoes.