G-Star Global Women's Night - Antwerp

Last Friday me and a bunch of the bloggers gang/crew/group attended the G-Star Global Women's Night.
This event was held all around the world and Antwerp got it's own edition. The focus was on the skinny jeans. Skinny jeans is basically the only sort of jeans I wear, so it couldn't be more perfect. 

We were welcomed by the ├╝ber friendly and very charming Donald who explained us the difference between the different models of skinnies and what they do to your body. We also got to choose a pair of skinny jeans to take home with us. Ironically a lot of the bloggers ended up with the same pair, me included. The absolute star of the evening was the Arc 3D Super Skinny. It was definitely for a reason, this pair of jeans is constructed in such a 3D way, that it hugs your legs and shows off your curves in the best possible way.
And the biggest plus it doesn't even feel as a pair of jeans, but more like a pair of leggings, because it's SUPER STRETCHY! So, expect an outfit post soon.

G-Star has it's own brand of cava, that says something!

Adorable x 2 = Elien & Annebeth

Highlight of the evening was our little bloggers reunion. Spice Bloggers for evah! Picture by Paulien 

As we totally forgot to take pictures together with Annebeth, she just photoshopped us in our matching fury outfits of that day. She's the awesomest (I know that's not a word).