Casual wear

Fall season to me usually means getting sick. I didn't have to wait a long time, it's on again.
Well, at least this time I know where it came from. From my boyfriend. You need to make sacrifices for love and I sacrificed my health, for a while, to be with him. No regrets. I hope it won't drag on as long as it does with him, though. I'm just in my second day and it's his second week of being sick already. Poor thing.
So far, I'm just a bit fuzzy and have a sore throat, so I'll live. 
Being sick in high school or college meant that I could stay at home and chill out, well, now I'm unemployed, I can stay at home anyhow. So being sick is only annoying now.

These pictures are from last weekend, back when I was still alright. I couldn't wait to take my new Mango jacket for a spin! I've been looking at it for about two months, wanted to buy it, but having no money. Couldn't wait any longer, so I bought it last week. Quite in love with it. It was only 39.99 Euro and it's a wool blend, so quite a bargain. I already have a dozen of outfit ideas in my head with it. It just goes with everything, well, except for swimwear maybe, but you never know, huh?!
All of the other garments I'm wearing are pretty old. I practically live in this grey cashmere sweater the whole year. Luckily I have to blog, otherwise I wouldn't take it off. It's so warm and soft! I have it for almost a year and it still looks almost as new. I can't imagine an H&M sweater still looking as good after such frequent use.
I can easily say that it's the most worn item in my wardrobe.

I also finally took this sequined cardigan out of the closet. I have it for at least three years already and it's the first time I'm wearing it. Actually, I do that quite often actually. It's not that those clothes are impulse purchases. It's kind of my strategy, waiting for the right occasion or outfit. As I mostly shop at high street stores, I like wearing something no one can buy anymore at that moment.

I just stop rambling and cut to the chase. It was getting dark, so some of the pictures are a bit blurry, but I like it! And at least fall has some amazing colors and I'm 50 shades of grey again.

Wearing: Mango jacket, Zara cardigan, 3 Suisses sweater, Cool Cat jeans, Sacha boots, Mongolian fur stola, Primark beanie, necklace, Butler & Wilson skull bracelet,   Swarovski c/o wrap bracelet, Michael Kors watch, Storm ring.

Love how the sequins give this casual outfit an extra flair!

Besides the cashmere sweater, I also live in a beanie during the cold days.

After years of lusting after a name tag necklace, it's finally mine. I decided to get my alias or blog name. After years of using it, it started to mean a lot to me. That font is practically the same as my banner font, so coool! The necklace is extra special as it was a present from my boy. The ring and skull bracelet were also presents from him, I do get spoiled :p
Still on my wishlist is a gold one with my actual name. Perfect for summer!