Summer Reality Shows

Two shows I am quite fond of right now: America's Got Talent and the World Series of Pop Culture. The first fills my need for American Idol, and the second makes me feel smart. Or like lots of my brain matter is clogged up with facts about Jessica Simpson and Hammer, but that I'm not alone.

So far, I know that I'm as good as the people on WSOPC. I'm pretty much getting all the same questions right and wrong, but I am truly impressed with some contestant's knowledge of what I think of as extremely obscure information.

I'm also watching Treasure Hunters, which is a very nice emotional replacement for The Amazing Race. And in TH, they actually have to FIGURE OUT CLUES!! Ooooh-aaaah. TAR used to have that. But the host of TH is a cyborg who will NEVER measure up to Phil, and it just isn't quite as fun as TAR. But it is its own thing, and I appreciate it. Hopefully they'll hang the editors they have now and clean the whole mess up a bit for a second season.