Sleep Diagnosis In One´s Own Bed

A multisenorial outpatient sleep system for the diagnosis of neurological diseases of the respiratory tract and is currently in the framework of a research cooperation. The system allows for a medical examination sleep. Through the use of wireless data transfer, the patient mobility and the comfort, it will be considerably improved. The pilot study for this purpose in autumn 2007 in a sleep laboratory. Several signal concentrators, the components for the wireless data transmission and the acquisition of the signals, based on the patient. The system covers 14 signals (of the DGSM Sleep-German Society for the fixed network), and allows for a much wider range of testing in the outpatient area than in the past. In addition to the overnight stay in the sleep lab, which reached scope of the audit provides a compelling outpatient diagnosis, and for the symptoms unclear. The wireless connection of the concentrators improves patient mobility and thus sleep comfort during the examination. Therefore, test results are realistic. The sensors are installed before going to sleep. The installation is powered by a user guide and can be used by the patient him-/herself or a helper for some instructions from the doctor. This system is also suitable for the realization of other medical studies sleep like daytime sleepiness in the professional drivers.

Fraunhofer IPMS

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