GEICO: Teen Drivers Need A Full Tank Of Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Zs

Teens have the highest crash rates in the country. They have probably the least sleep. GEICO ( agrees with a growing number of sources including the National Sleep Foundation (, that the problem could be remedied by a good sleep.

Two critical factors collide when young people are in their early years of driving: 1) they have almost 9.5 hours of sleep each night to a boom in development and growth hormone, and 2) they are much less sleep than they need - an average of 7.4 hours a night, much less for many.

Compounding the problem further, the researchers say that adolescents' biological clocks are set so that they fall asleep later at night and wake up later in the spring, a timetable, it is impossible to follow because in the early morning hours school starts for most teenagers.

Everything points to a nation of teenagers very sleepy.

National Sleep Awareness Week March 3-9

While the National Sleep Awareness Week, March 3-9, GEICO is alarmed parents with teen drivers to watch their teen sleep habits and adjust them as more young people to sleep. Teens need more sleep to remain vigilant so that sound judgments, and during the ride to get clear thinking and quick reflexes.

your teen sleep can be withdrawn if he or she can not wake up in the morning, irritable late in the day, falling asleep spontaneously during the day and sleep in great detail at the weekend.
While that sounds like a universal description of most young people, most of the time, it is possible to bridge the gap in their sleep hours, is the focus of the many tragic behavior of young people.

The driving danger is obvious. Drowsy driving is a principle cause of traffic crashes each year, and young drivers are particularly vulnerable because they operate most of the time much less sleep than they need. See more.

rework Teens' schedules Needs Sleep Around

It is important that both parents and young people to recognize the signs of fatigue and daily work schedules to allow healthier sleep cycles.

It will not be easy. Teens have a lot to keep them Nights at the school: Studies, anxiety about grades, after-school sports and social activities, the delay time study, relationship, on the stimulation of media sources, including popular computer sites, computer games, and an overload of mobile phone usage and SMS .

What parents can do

What can parents do to their teenagers more rest:

- Build time-management skills. encouraging young people to see how long the tasks and realistic plan to accomplish school. Get to start early and not hesitate. then they will not burn Oil and the midnight sun, they can enjoy a good night's sleep.

- Establish a reasonable bedtime and stick to it.

- Create a routine that the bedtime winds, the tempo . The Mayo Clinic recommends a warm bath or shower, a book, relaxing activities, and 30 minutes before the lights, no loud music, video games, telephone conversations and Internet use.

- Eliminate caffeine drinks in the evening.

- Complete exercise and sports programs in the early evening, and before bedtime.

- Determine whether all drugs, which can sleep.

GEICO offers an online library of information will help teens safe on the road. Please go to here to download and materials.

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