Professional Sleep Solutions Launches In Time For National Sleep Awareness Week

Bryten Solutions, LLC is proud Professional Sleep solutions to their line of sleep enterprises. focuses on the distribution of natural products to sleep sleep centers, doctors, Medical Suppliers, hotels, spas and dealers.

Professional Sleep Solutions is a distributor for the natural sleep products, which help people to better sleeping habits, and support physician recommendations. Many of their products doctor recommended Cognitive behavior therapy, and help patients stay compliant products that CPAP therapy. Professional Sleep Solutions sells: Specialty pillows, Dreamerz Foods, Hearos Earplugs, Apollo-light therapy, CPAP tube wrap, sleep aids, "Blackout shades, relaxation music as well as its own line of Allergy Free Bed and Pillow Covers, sleep masks , aromatherapy and specialty sleep kits. Retailers can rely on All Sleep Center, the application will be part of a permanent Sleep Center is the registry that consumers can check.

With more than 70000 Americans have sleep problems, sleep amenities are a major focus for hotels, spas and Sleep Center, says Mary Battaglia, the founder of the Professional Sleep Solutions. "One of our objectives is to sleep center and hotels a pillow library, the customer can access the search for the right pillow during their stay. Many hotels have realized the importance of a good night's sleep for their guests to offer and the need for Another selection comfortable sleep. " Professional Sleep Solutions will be the resource to help customers get the best sleep and time again, because of this. Therefore, we recommend, with a series of CPAP pillows, cushions Snore No More, Hot and Cold gel cushions, sleep wedge pillow, buckwheat and millet pillows, ergonomic pillows, cheeks and body pillows cushion to improve the customer experience. In the future, customers have the option to purchase the pillow of their choice through the sleep center or hotel.

Focus at this year's National Sleep Foundation survey is on the impact of sleep disorders such as job performance. "In today's 24 /7 world, with more hours and mobile working environments (smart phones and laptops), it is difficult to wind in the night, the causes and problems remain with falling asleep." "Problems lead to a lack of concentration and an unproductive work force. Target of Professional Sleep Solutions is to help everyone get a better sleep." In addition to its function as a distributor, Professional Sleep Solutions will provide sleeping consulting and training, the concierges, hotels, spas and companies from the 2nd Quarter of 2008.

In conjunction with the National Sleep Awareness Week 3rd March - 9 March, Professional Sleep Solutions Sleep offers a free kit with every order.

Professional Sleep Solutions

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