REM Sleep Behavior Disorder and Chronic Tiredness

Not many people know the connection between fatigue and REM Sleep "behavior disorder - RBD . In recent scientific studies show clearly that:

* Better sleep better health

* Good sleep even helps health

Good lack of sleep affects our health and causes chronic fatigue, irreversible damage to the human immune system itself and neurological disorders.

Sleep is a much more complicated process than most people realize. There is the human brain some rest time to complete a series of complex tasks. It is supported by 5 different stages of sleep, most commonly known REM and NREM - Rapid and Non-Rapid Eye Movement.

NREM is divided in 4 different phases. While NREM the brain and the body organs are relaxed and clearly tonus lowered.

REM occurs in 20-25% of the sleep period and with dreams. During REM the brain and the organs are fully integrated into an almost similar guards: the eye-movement and the blood pressure rises, breathing is unregelmaig and there is even a loss of muscle tension (paralysis). The paralysis during REM is not available or incomplete the person suffers from REM sleep behavior disorder - RBD .

the person suffering RBD usually wakes with a feeling of fatigue (tiredness), loss of energy, no mood, and difficulty concentrating and finish common daily tasks. All of the above impact on relations with family members and the people suffer friends.

Some RBD developed severe neurodegenerative disease for several years. One of them is Parkinson's disease.

However, not all persons with RBD is developing that disease, and it is a complex task to find relationship between RBD and Parkinson's disease.

The main symptom of REM Sleep "behavior disorder is a dream operative behaviour, sometimes violent, causing injury or even injury of bad partners. For this reason, people with RBD require careful follow-up.

The RBD symptoms can be successfully controlled with medication. The treatment should be continued indefinitely because discontinuation of violent behavior and nightmares recur.

According immediately to all of the above, it is very important to diagnose and treat sleep disorders right of time before they become chronic and are the reason That appearance complications.

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