Living With Restless Leg Syndrome-A Personal Account

tingling or burning sensations in the legs. A feeling as though it were a itching inside your legs, you can? T dig through the skin to scratch. A pressure desire to get on and walk around and if taking the complaints subsidies is a good business. An immediate way to get rid of the pain is to stretch.
If these symptoms are known, you may be the victim of Restless Leg Syndrome, or RLS, sleep disturbances. Restless Leg Syndrome is characterized by a burning, itching, often? Gnawing? Type pain in the legs and the urge them to stretch. RLS patients have found that mobility in any form temporarily helps the pain, but once a person no longer back the sensations continue. Restless Legs are usually worse at night and after an individual has been sitting for a long period of time. Although there is no cure found for RLS, as yet, doctors know that it is a neurological sleep disorder, which is often hereditary. Sometimes medications available to treat. The only problem is that these drugs can be addictive, many of them, and so not only is there a risk of abuse, but also the potential for it no longer works in the course of time. So, what do you do for Restless Leg Syndrome treatment?
finds someone to a cure, one suffers. One that is me. I have
suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome, as I was about four years old. My grandmother used to me to theater: ballets, operas, musicals, etc. I can remember how, after a few years ago witnessed the terrible burning and itching sensations along with the more sightly Twitch, I got to expect the appearance of these symptoms and thus came to fear the shows. I knew that what was before me was a long night of sitting in a small, uncomfortable seat, and literally ready, my leg pain to subside, while willing, the performance ended.
snack bars, bathrooms, telephones, smoking outside the venues? I know these places all too well in almost every arena, where people go to work for longer than half an hour at a time. Because if you have Restless Leg Syndrome to sit still that long is almost unbearable and really really painful. They sit through the performance, and instead of concentrating on what is happening on the stage, your thoughts closer to finding out when will the next time you find an excuse to leave your seat and not abnormal draw attention to itself? I am sure that all RLS sufferers would agree with me that breaks are the best part of the benefits. It is at this time, where we don? T a scene out of our seats for pace. It is at this stage we can stand up and stretch (and oh, how good it feels to stretch) our legs, as if just with the flow, you know, just in case, because we had one hour left , Or the toilet? just in case?. With RLS, it is the case. Every Time. And each sufferer can assure you it is unfortunate.
image will be tickled. You know, like in a way it kind of creates an itching feeling that you? T quite describe? Then think how bad you yearn for someone to stop tickling you, while they are in the process of doing it. The feeling of great relief to get it to stop. This is probably the only way I could even close to describing how annoying and inconvenient it is for patients with restless-leg syndrome. Plus, in addition to the tingling sensations and painful Twitch, we miss out on many things that we really enjoy the experience, such as movies, and the kind of benefits previously discussed. Not to mention the awkwardness, with the excuse you from business meetings each time, or worse, does not excuse himself and dealing with the pain and twitching.
It is common for people to brush off Restless Leg Syndrome as a result of other external factors. Restless Leg Syndrome is difficult for the suffering end and unfortunately, the disorder masks itself well to drag the appearance of almost as an everyday, common symptom of tired legs from extended use. Therefore, many RLS sufferers don? T even know to go for help or are just embarrassing. But the disorder is real and get to hang for long intervals, or better still, trying to sleep next to a Restless Leg Syndrome sufferer and you will realize the seriousness of the problem. A large part of the research is being done to try the causes and possible cure of this disorder. Until then we can only be patient and do what we can to educate others.