Quick complaints about Heroes (with one or two praises)

It bugs me so freaking much that the show has gone with the storyline that Peter really lost his powers and can only have one at a time.  It just burns me right up!   If his ability was that he could have all the abilities- it was something in him that he had to finally realize- then he should still have it.  His dad shouldn't have been able to take that away.  Maybe for awhile, but then he should have been able to tap into that place inside of himself and have them all again. AGH!!!  You can ask Seth about how much this bothers me, because I can't seem to shut up about it, like the fact that the contestants on the Amazing Race area always shown buying 2 plane tickets, when we know DAMN WELL that they need 4 to include their crew members!!
(Also in this annoying vein is Extreme Makeover when the designers pretend that they're just meeting the family and AHA!, I think I'll make you this kind of room! It doesn't take away from our enjoyment of the show to know that you planned it ahead of time.  It's already impressive. Just show us the stinking house more! I'd prefer they didn't even show the designers at all.  Other than Michael.)

Wow, that was a long parenthetical.

Heroes did one good thing tonight: they finally brought up again the fact that Sylar doesn't have to kill to take abilities.  Sylar has really been the center of my difficulties with this show, and I liked complex Sylar. I absolutely LOVED the vision of GoodFutureSylar with a baby in Claire's kitchen.  I'm glad that they're having him struggle again, though the "I'm so bad! No one will ever love me!" thing is a bit lame.  Very romance novel.  Which reminds me of what I said after seeing Star Trek: I really want Zachary Quinto to be in a romantic comedy.  To smile and laugh and be normal.  Please?

Oh, and confused Fan Boy Hiro is a crack-up.