Homeopathy to Treat the Heart: Homeopathic Drugs to Control Cholestrol Levels

Homeopathy has often been criticized to be an unscientific method of medicine and most of its actions are attributed to the ‘placebo effect’. Unfortunately most of these claims that criticize the system of medicine have been biased and misguiding. Most of these research studies have methodological errors and have used over diluted doses, which have failed to elicit responses. Homeopathy as a system of medicine has been found to be highly effective in treating some of the most chronic conditions including elevated cholesterol levels and cardiac disorders

treats Heart
 Homeopathy to treat the heart:

Homoeopathy is a complex system of medicine, which treats a host of diseases efficiently. This system cures and heals the body holistically. The homoeopathic medicines treat the disturbance in the patient’s vital force and bring about cure.

More importantly, some of the medications are highly potent and fast acting, bringing about miraculous results almost instantaneously. (This is far removed from the fact that homoeopathy takes time to act.) Persistently high levels of blood pressure, fluctuating levels of blood pressure, constricting pains in the chest, heaviness over the chest area, severe headaches, and palpitations are treated successfully using homoeopathy. Homoeopathic remedies are made from natural products and are free from any side effects.

Homoeopathy, coupled with dietary corrections / modifications, certain therapeutic food prescriptions, and regular exercise and lifestyle changes, will bring about an appreciable improvement in individuals suffering from hypercholesterolemia (or high cholesterol levels) and its consequences. Essentially, some of the medicines act like prophylactics (preventives), and will check the occurrence of a heart attack. It is important to bear in mind, that all disorders and medical conditions are handled well by a multi-disciplinary approach.

Homeopathic drugs for elevated cholesterol levels

There are certain homeopathic drugs that are found to have profound and beneficial effect on the heart whilst reducing the levels of cholesterol in the blood.

  1. Cactus: Cactus is indicated in patients with atheromatous (atherosclerotic) arteries and a weak heart. The remedy acts best when given in the very initial or incipient stage of cardiac incompetency. The patient suffers from constrictions and violent pains in the chest region (angina), palpitations, and severe anxiety and nervous spells. Cactus alleviates these symptoms and prevents a progressive deterioration of the heart’s condition.
  2. Digitalis: Symptoms of organic heart disease – weakness, faintness, cold clammy sweat, irregular respiration, and a weak and irregular pulse, almost always call for Digitalis. Least movement causes excessive palpitation and there occur recurrent stitch like pains in the heart. Cardiac dropsy (swelling of the legs, feet, under the eyes) occurs frequently. There is a cardiac-muscular failure. Digitalis stimulates the heart’s muscles, increases the force of the systole, and prevents weariness and collapse.