My new plan

I was going to get a tattoo tomorrow- the word "love" in kinda fancy script on my arm- to take part in To Write Love on Her Arms.  It's a suicide prevention organization and some random people on FB declare this day or another TWLOHA day, so whatever. 
When I went in to the tattoo place today, though, I just wasn't feeling it.  I was a bit iffy about the money, and I just wasn't 100% on board, which you really should be when getting something permanent put on your body in a place that will show almost all the time.

Later, I thought, "If it's supposed to be a personally meaningful gesture acknowledging your own suicide attempt, you should get it done on the anniversary of the day you tried."  Good idea, Self!  The only bummer is that day is in January, so I have to wait almost a year. 

But!  I just realized that it will be kind of fun.  I'll get it next year, January 11, 2011.  It will be the 18th Annual Happy to be Alive Day!  I had thought it was going to be the 11th anniversary or something, but I suppose my usually stunningly quick math skillz have to have some way-way-off moments once in a while. 

Of course, this is all just a matter of whether or not I can handle the wait.  I do believe there will be a monthly tattoo fund started, though.