Asthma and food allergies: Foods that trigger asthma

Numerous clinical studies and researches have discovered that asthma is closely associated with certain food allergies. They play an important role in triggering off an asthma attack. Adverse reactions to certain foods may be immediate or delayed.

Clinical trials have found that immediate reactions are usually to the following foods, (which the individual may be allergic to): eggs, shellfish, fish, nuts, and peanuts. Delayed reactions occur due to the ingestion of: chocolate, milk, and food additives.

Managing food-triggered asthma:
  • Elimination diets have been particularly useful in the effective management of asthma, especially in infants and children.
  • Ascertain the exact food allergen, by the process of elimination, and stay away from the offending foods. A sustained and steady avoidance will stave off an episode of asthma.
  • Vitally important in the control of asthma is the elimination of food additives from the diet. Tartrazine, sulphates, and sulphites have been known to cause asthma. These food additives are found in practically all the packaged and processed foods, and avoiding processed foods is the only solution.