The healing power of Mudras: Enhance mental health

What exactly are Mudras?

Mudras are simple hand gestures. Simple positioning of the fingers for prescribed periods of time everyday, revitalizes the entire body, heals diseases, aids in preventing a host of disorders, infuses you with a feeling of calmness and peace, and leads you on to the path of spiritual awakening.

Mudras have the potential to alter and influence the body’s vital force, and to direct the vital force to various parts of the body to bring about balance and harmony.

Mudra to energize and rejuvenate you

Apan Mudra
  • This Mudra is hailed as the ‘energy mudra’. It has the tremendous capability to revitalize and refresh you. It will give you a new lease of life and banish the ill effects of stress.
  • The practice of this mudra has a significant detoxifying effect. It aids in the elimination of wastes and toxins from the body, and strengthening the body’s defenses.
  • At the emotional level, the Apan Mudra has a balancing effect on the mind, it calms and composes you, and helps develop confidence.
  • At the subtle level, the Apan Mudra helps cleanse the aura and paves the way for self-actualization.
The technique:
  • Sit in Padmasana (lotus pose) or cross legged on a yoga mat or in a straight backed chair (in case you can not squat on the floor).
  • Bring together the thumbs, the middle fingers, and the ring fingers of both the hands, keeping the index fingers and the little fingers extended.
  • Place the hands on to your lap.
  • Close your eyes and try to keep the mind as free from thoughts as possible. Chanting / saying a prayer in the mind, is beneficial for new practitioners. Always be aware of the finger positions, and ensure that the fingers do not bend / relax.
  • Hold the pose for 45 minutes or for 15 minutes, three times a day.
Daily and sustained practice of the Apan Mudra yields unbelievable benefits. Start with one session of 15 minutes, and then gradually build up to three sessions of 15 minute each. The Apan Mudra acts as a reviver and when practiced in the morning, it keeps you buoyant and active all day long. When practiced in the evening, it de-stresses you and rids you of all the negative emotions that you have accumulated through the day.