Apple Pectin for Health: Apple Detox Diet and Caution while Consuming Apples

As per researchers of Chinese University, Hong Kong, fruit flies that feed apple extracts lived longer by 10% compared to the other fruit flies in the control group. Estimates suggest that approximately 55 million tones of apples are produced worldwide which generate revenue of approximately $10 billion. China produces 35% of all apples followed by United States. The saying “An apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away” is true as recent research findings suggest protective action of apple against cancers and heart disorders. The apple pectin is loaded with dietary fiber which is also responsible for the wide range of health benefits associated with apple.

Apple protects against
Health Benefits of Apple Pectin: Apples for Health

Apple pectin is an excellent source of dietary fiber. Vitamin C and Potassium. Estimates suggest that most of the vital nutrients are contained in the skin of the apple. What’s more, raw, unpeeled apples are a bigger source of many essential phyto-chemicals, which in turn act as powerful anti-oxidants. The content of these phyto-chemicals in cooked apples or commercial apple products is almost zero. Apples are very high in pectin. Pectin is a soluble fiber that exerts several significant beneficial effects.

Studies have shown that Apple pectin is useful in management of a wide range of health problems. These include, 
  • Anti-oxidants in apple pectin help destroy free radicals that are responsible for cellular damage and spread of tumor cells. Apple is considered to reduce the risk of development of lung cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer.
  • Fiber content in apple pectin is considered beneficial in improving bowel movement and effective in the management of bowel disorders like irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. Further fiber also plays a crucial role in weight loss and controlling obesity.
  • Apple pectin is also beneficial in managing co-morbidities associated with obesity which include heart disorders and cholesterol levels. Fiber prevents the absorption of cholesterol and are relatively bulky which reduce appetite and manage obesity
  • Studies have shown that apple pectin is also loaded with acetylcholine, which has a protective action against aging and prevents oxidative and cognitive damage associated with age.
Apple Pectin and Detoxification: Apple Detox

Apple is wonderful for Detox
Being a gel forming fiber, pectin has a highly favorable action of the bowels. It regularizes bowel motility and peps up peristaltic movements. It restores the colon’s innate ability to work optimally and throw out waste matter. It tones up the colonic musculature and stimulates a sluggish colon. Apples can help purge old accumulated toxic built up and putrefy and rotting matter. Thus, apple pectin is an amazing and decidedly powerful detox agent for your body.
  • This soluble fiber has the capacity to reduce blood cholesterol levels appreciably. Simply adding 1 apple to your daily diet, provides you with about 3 grams of fiber, and can diminish serum cholesterol level by almost 8 to 11 %. It binds the cholesterol to the bile acids and speeds up the excretion. It also enhancing liver functions and prevents hepatitis.
  • Apple pectin prevents and also fights the spread of cancer. It is known to check the spread / metastasis of the cancer cells successfully.
 Apple Pectin Precaution: Caution while consuming Apples

Apple is one of the top 10 foods that have a lot of pesticide residue. Therefore, choosing organically grown varieties is recommended. The next best option is, washing the fruit with an additive free soap or any other commercially available fruits and vegetable wash.

Further studies have shown that apple seeds have a slightly poisonous action as they contain cyanogenic glycoside. Though moderate consumption of apples is not harmful to humans, they may be responsible for deaths in birds.