Cures Insomnia with eating rice

Rice by itself is good for health as we know to provide the necessary energy for the body. In addition, carbohydrate-rich rice needed by the body to a certain extent. The question is Is Eating Rice Reducing Insomnia?.
Before answering this question, it is important to know that particular foods may not suit those who have some pre-existing conditions.
For example, an insomniac who have sleep irregularities can also be adversely affected if they are eating products that contain caffeine, rice, fish and some nuts.
Rice is rich foods and are usually very filling. If you eat a large meal before bed and get used to it, then it could be the cause of insomnia. The people who already have problems with sleep should avoid these foods. The problem with insomnia is that once started, he became a regular cycle and finally someone did not sleep day after day. Eating rice only exacerbate the problem and eventually people facing more sleep problems than solve them.
If someone has a heavy meal and eat rice at noon, it induces sleep. However, the same food did not sleep at night and even lead to negative actions. This is a strange phenomenon and mainly deals with natural body clock of people. By day, the human body is set to remain active, while at night, it is adjusted to relax and perform the tasks are minimal. By eating foods heavy in the form of rice at night, you will force your digestive system to work overtime and cause a bowel movement in the late hours.