Insomnia therapy .. part6
You frequently experience insomnia? find someone you can confide in whom to chat to come back drowsiness.
A recent research indicates that counseling was effective to overcome insomnia or trouble sleeping sickness.The research team led by Dr. Anne Germain from the University of Pittsburgh in Pennysylvania, USA, doing research on the 35 adults, average age 70 years who had been suffering from insomnia. After attending counseling sessions twice during the four weeks, the respondents claimed to sleep more easily.
Their results are reported in Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, is concerned with the results of previous studies, which states that behavioral therapy could cure chronic insomnia.
Although there are experts who have different opinions, according to them, time-consuming behavioral therapy and not necessarily successful.
But the experts generally agreed that therapy and counseling is the best treatment for insomnia than drugs that can cause addiction.
In his research, respondents were given 45 minutes of therapy sessions with a practitioner, followed by a counseling session is longer two mingu later.
During the session, respondents were asked to study the various factors that can improve sleep quality, for example, select the type of bedtime music, just climbed into bed if it really was sleepy, and so forth.
Four weeks later, more than three-quarters of respondents experienced an increase sleep quality. However, according to Dr.Anne still required further study to verify whether the respondents insomnia cured thanks to confide what they do or because of other factors.
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