Treating IBS with Probiotics: Mint for Natural Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

In a study published in the Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, it was noted that the Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects approximately 14.1% of the population of United States. The study indicated that approximately 75% of the estimated population suffering from the condition, remained undiagnoized of IBS, though they manifested clincial symptoms of the condition. A similar study conducted across eight countries in Europe had similar findings. Irritable bowel syndrome has signficiant impact on the social and economic performane of an individiual. Probiotics and Mint has shown to have a significant action on improving the symptoms of Irritable bowel syndrome. Dr. David Williams probiotics are considered to be the best probiotics with advantage of vitamins and minerals.

Understanding Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Causes and Symptoms of IBS

One of the most common digestive tract disorders, irritable bowel syndrome is considered to affect one in five adults in the United States. Though this condition is not associated with any form of structural disorders, the functional symptoms associated with the condition include,
  • Abdominal pain and discomfort, which is the most commonly observed symptom
  • Severe cramps with changes in normal bowel functions
  • Excessive bloating, and gassy stomach
  • Diarrheoa or Constipation 
Irritable bowel syndorme is classified into different catagories depending upon the predominant symptom that is manifested namely constipation predominant, diarrhea predominant or pain predominant, which is associated with alternating symptoms of diarrhea and constipation.

Though the underlying factors responsible for IBS are not known, studies have shown a high risk of irritable bowel disease especially after a gastrointestinal infection. However psychological factors like depression and anxiety are also closely linked with the condtion. As per a study published in Journal of Clincial Gastroentrology, the derailment of the brain gut axis results in the symptoms associated with IBS

Probiotics helps
in IBS Management
IBS and Probiotics

Unfortunately, there is little research information available about the role of probiotics in aiding the improvement of symptoms associated with IBS. Probiotics have been proven to be effective in treatment of inflammatory bowel disease and diarrhea, but studies have not shown their effectiveness in improving symptoms associated with IBS.

However, considering the facts that IBS is attributed to inflammatory disease which in turn results in bloating, abdominal pain and other symptoms, the role of probiotics in management of IBS cant be underestimated. Ready natural mixture of probiotics and vitamins like Dr David Williams probiotics are considered very beneficial.

Mint for Irritable Bowel
Action of Mint for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The mint family is one of the most valuable medicinal and gastronomic herb families. It is highly effective in the management of Irritable bowel Syndrome

  • The principal application of this herb is as a strong carminative and digestive. It reduces flatulence, relieves wind and almost instantaneously alleviates spasms of the colon. Mint relaxes the muscles of the colon, thus checking spasms and excessive colonic contractions successfully.
  • It helps detoxify the colon and regularizes bowel movement. It eliminates toxic wastes from the bowels, as well as from the blood stream.
  • The presence of Menthol in mint is the chief element that exerts a bowel comforting effect.
  • Research also states that mint has the potential to ward off colo-rectal cancers.

Quick Serve Ideas for Mint : Natural Therapies to Treat IBS

Drinking mint tea everyday has proved to be highly beneficial.
To make mint tea, add ¼ bowl of fresh or dried mint leaves to a cup of water, and boil for 10 minutes. 1 cup of fresh mint tea eases stomach disorders, detoxifies your body, and soothes your nerves as well.

Meditation technqiues have been found beneficial in the management of stress, while Yoga is an ancient system which helps stimulate all the organs of the body and aids in normalizing gastro-intestinal disorders including IBS.