Not in the mood, y'all

I have placed my order with Husband's Delivery Service for 2 movies &  a bottle of wine.  We're going to watch Alice in Wonderland, which I fully expect to hate, so I also rented The Time Traveler's Wife, which you know I love, in order to have a back-up.  I didn't want to punish him with Leap Year just yet.  Maybe next week. 

Today I finished reading through Hosea and poked around a little bit on the topic of redemption.  I don't really have an outline or real focus to my thoughts yet.  We've had a laid-back format lately, though, so I could just read through it with everyone and we could discuss.  We'll see.  I'll work more tomorrow, in between a graduation party and a housewarming party. 

Since we also have a movie theme this summer, I have a pile of DVDs on the couch so I can skim through and try to find relevant clips to illustrate my points.  I don't HAVE TO, but it would be nice.

In other news, I brought out some more summer clothes, packed away winter clothes, and worked on putting things away, and I realized that we are so very rich and spoiled.  I was setting myself a small goal, so as to no be overwhelmed with the pile of clothes, so I was counting things I put away.  Usually when I set a tiny goal, I end up going beyond it once I get into actually getting things done.  Today, I put away 70- SEVENTY- items of clothing (not counting socks & underwear) and we still have quite a mountain, plus the things already in drawers and the closet.  Wow.  I have a large bag started already of things to be donated, but maybe I need to have a second, truly ruthless go round through my clothes.  I mean, how many hooded sweatshirts do I really need?  Really?