Today's and Yesterday's Blog: It's a 2-for-1 bargain!

mood: hot and meh with a pain in my foot

Yesterday I read menus, checks, and the backs of books.  'Twas my sister's birthday, so we went to Denny's for her free Grand Slam.  I got a $4 "Value Slam" and a Coke for $2.29.  That annoyed me.  I'm turning into a total old person, practically telling people that their prices are highway robbery. 

After our healthy breakfast, we headed down to the city, where we looked at fancy houses, wandered, and slowly made our way to the deYoung museum.  The museum was fine, but I don't think I need to go back.  The nice thing was that there was a party going on, so there was music and people bustling about.

For dinner, we wanted to take advantage of the Dine About Town program that was going on, so we could get a 3 course dinner for $35 at a number of restaurants in town.  We decided on Le Central, a very cute-looking French bistro right by the Chinatown gate.  At first, our waiter was very good and went above and beyond.  My sister was torn on what to order for her main course, so he brought her out a taste of one so she could decide.  He also gave her some veggies in addition to her fries, even though she asked too late.  But then, it all went awry.  After giving us our food, he asked us once how things were, and then he truly paid no attention to us for half an hour.  He helped the people to our right and left, offering some dessert, but never looking at us.  We had to ask the busser for more water and to box our food.  We asked the busser to let our waiter know that we wanted to order our dessert.  Nothing.  Finally, we spoke with the manager, asking for our desserts to go.  The waiter dropped them off with an attitude, and brought us our bill in a huff.  So strange.

After the awkward exit, we moseyed over to Borders, where I looked at Father's Day cards, with no luck, then looked in vain for the books for my class.  I so wish that I could buy books with abandon, but it is not to be.

Wow.  Boring yesterday post. 

Today! I didn't read much at all today.  I have yet to pick up the fantastic romance novel I'm reading, Seducing a Scottish Bride, but I'll be bustling off to relax and read that soon.  You know you're jealous of my smut.  It was another freebie from RT.  I didn't read all of them, but I at least give them a try.  This one is okay, so far.  I'll finish it. 

Tomorrow is a busy day with church and a possible trip to the beach.

May future posts be more interesting.