You know, we've talked about trashy books in the past

So I don't have to justify myself to you.

I'm reading Mr. Darcy, Vampyre.  Yes.  It's "vampyre" with a 'y.'  About Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth.  I know. 

Hey, I got it at the used bookstore  yesterday (see?  you already knew about it.) and started it today while I was donating blood.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA  I didn't even realize that I was reading a vampyre book while donating blood.  I'm certain it's not the first time.

So far it's okay.  He hasn't told Elizabeth yet, and in a strange way, it goes along with how weird he was being & all that Lady Catherine DeBurgh nonsense.  Since our society doesn't really get the whole class thing, him hiding being undead plays better. 

I'll keep reading this tonight, and try to do some more serious reading tomorrow.