Insomnia Cures That Soothe The Ears

Anyone reading this site has likely been there and done that. You lay down, bone tired, and yet sleep will not come. This is the tried and true reason why some of us seek out the most ridiculous insomnia cures, remedies that do nothing but hurt you in the long run. Some of us turn to alcohol. Huge mistake. Others might get prescriptions from the doctor, which in the long term can serve only to exacerbate the problem of insomnia, making it worse. Some of just us lay in bed for hours tossing and turning, some of us get up and read or watch extremely bad late night TV. One thing we all have in common though, is the intimate knowledge that the most insidious thing about insomnia is when you truly need and want a good night's rest, it just will not come without some form of outside help.

There are wholly natural programs that have been proven to help the insomniac sleep. The problem with holistic or natural insomnia cures is that most hard core insomniacs consider it putting a band aid on a bullet wound. Therefore, most of us fail to recognize a potential cure as being useless, simply because seems just too darned easy.

Having said that, there are audio programs - such as the award winning Sleep Tracks (click the link for more info) - that when applied correctly have shown time and time again to work, helping even the most hard core among us. There's also white noise generators that have pages after pages of supporting data as to it's success in combating sleep disorders of all kinds. 

To illustrate the effectiveness of audio and noise therapy as useful help falling asleep; a reader had emailed me asking for help with his acute bout of insomnia. After accumulating a bit of research on his lifestyle I discovered he was a frequent business traveler, changing time zones more than most of us change the sheets. Long story short, upon asking him where and when is it that he finds little problem sleeping, he immediately responded by instant message, saying “while I'm in the air.” He went on to say that he could nod off in minutes after his plane takes off.

My solution was to find a recording of nothing but the low drone of an airplane engine mid flight. Finding one (thanks google :)), I sent an MP3 of this “white noise” to him, and explained that it was necessary to play it as he finished his nightly routines and was about to lay in bed. Again, long story short he emailed me back and in capital letters his email said “YOU'VE CURED ME! THANK YOU...” We chatted via skype for a few minutes the next day, wherein he told me he was so grateful that he didn't need to get a prescription pill, and that he never once believed something so elementary and simple could actually work. This is truly a common response when people find help via the various audio therapy sleep systems.

So the point is, insomnia cures don't necessarily have to be elaborate schemes, or uncomfortable lifestyle adjustments. Help falling asleep can really and truly can be as simple as having an open mind to the possibility that even if your sleeplessness is chronic and impossible to live with, it may not be rocket science fixing it. 

To find out more about some of the more popular and beneficial sleep systems, visit Sleep Tracks. To get your own white noise generator, visit amazon by clicking the links you've just seen. Again folks, this stuff doesn't necessarily have to have you jumping through hoops. Sometimes the simplest answer is the right one.

Get some rest!