Insomnia naturally and Obesity in women

There are several studies that say that women are insomnia, naturally will have more risk of becoming overweight or even obese.

In a study conducted in middle-aged women who only sleep for 5 hours or less each night, 35% stated more easily increase body weight (about 15 kg) and 15% likely to become obese during 16 years than with women who slept 7 hours each night. This level of weight gain, 15 kg otherwise more prone to developing diabetes or heart disease.

Meanwhile, women who slept 6 hours per night, 12% more likely to experience major weight gain and 6% to obese. Woman who claimed to only have an hour sleep 5 hours or less each night, the average weight began to increase approximately 2 kg than with a sleeping enough, up to 7 hours each night.

After calculating the influence of age and weight gain early in the study, women who slept 5 hours or less each night, weight gain up to 1 / 2 kg or more. The women who can sleep for 6 hours each night, weight gain to less than 1 kg, when compared with the sleep enough.

Apparently it is believed that people who sleep more soundly than when they awake it will help them mengkonsumsikan more calories. These hormones tend tersentil as a result of how much time do you use to sleep. It also depends on how many calories you burn each day.

If you want to stay slim then you should focus on three faktir is sleeping enough, eating right nutrition and physical activity. Combine a great exercise, diet with the best food and sleep regularly.

Lack of sleep possible weight gain but it could happen because they feel more tired and less exercise. Or another possibility is the lack of sleep could be due to changes in the average basal metabolism. So if you want to trim, you should sleep enough so your body does not feel tired. Good luck