Tips to overcome insomnia naturally during pregnancy

Difficulty sleeping during pregnancy, especially if the mother's stomach had started to swell is the complaint that the most natural and frequent. It is caused by physical changes in which the stomach continues to expand up to difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. In addition, fetal movement and a burning sensation in the pit of the stomach also affects pregnant women have trouble sleeping. This is certainly not good for the health of mother and fetus if the time to rest less. For the tips below can mothers try to be resting comfortably.

to cure insomnia pa da pregnant women, avoid eating a lot or too full at bedtime because it can disturb your sleep. naturally desire to eat that often arise during the night can bunda siasati by eating a light snack or a glass of warm milk.

to avoid insomnia, Choose a position that you feel most comfortable. naturally the best sleep position during pregnancy is to tilt to the left, in addition to fetal organs are not burdened by the weight, also optimizes the flow of oxygen in the blood naturally.

Warm water bath will make the body more relaxed until you are ready to sleep comfortably and avoid insomnia.

Listen to soothing music will add to the cozy atmosphere that leads you to be able to sleep too soon is also a natural way to avoid insomnia.

Drinking a glass of warm milk will be very helpful to be able to get to sleep because the milk contained amino acid tryptophan, which increases levels of serotonin in the brain making it easier to sleep.

Simply break when doing daily activities. If there is a chance of rest, use the well to rest for your body in a state fit so you sleep easier.