Treat Insomnia naturally with litchi fruit

For you insomniacs, of sedatives to cope with the anxiety accurate solution when the condition is whack. But do not rush, a natural remedy it better, safer, and fun to try. litchi fruit is round from mainland China became one of the fruits that can cure insomnia naturally. behind the small size, litchi brings many benefits. One of them, as a remedy for insomniacs.
With good taste, sweet, and refreshing, this small-sized fruit can make people addicted. Not surprisingly, many people present this fruit as a dessert or consumed as a snack when relaxing or watching television.
Small fruit is round is a family of rambutan and lychees. In Mandarin, litchi called "ong guo yes" or "long yan," which means dragon eye. While in Indonesia, the fruit is popular as "cat eyes".
Nicknamed as such because the eyeball-like litchi fruit. Flesh is round, white, translucent and contain a lot of water, so that could be made juice. In the midst of meat, seeds are black or dark brown.
Longan contains sucrose, fructose, glucose, protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin B, tartarik acid, and chemical compounds of plants (phytochemicals) Other useful for health.
Fructose is the sugar content in fruit. Sugar is good for the body because keeping blood sugar levels. While glucose including sugar is not good. The combination of these phytochemical compounds gave birth to various benefits, including relaxing the nerves.
It also gives a sense of calm which merit to overcome the anxiety and insomnia. No wonder, as one person called litchi smelling natural restlessness.