Blogging as the fruit of avoidance

No, friends, I'm not going to tell you what I've been up to the past 3 1/2 months. Not quite yet.  (It's not exciting or secretive, just heavy-ish & I don't want to explain right now.) 

No, what I have for you is a blog entry based upon a weird thing that happened to me today, which happens to be a day in which I should be studying for a midterm I'd really like to take & be done with tomorrow. 

Shall we?  We shall.

On my way down the street today, I drove through something...well, I'd like to say that I drove through something, but I'm not quite sure.  I was driving, minding my own business, which is not the usual way I drive on that particular street, actually.  I usually watch the people walking around & judge them or try to figure out what they're doing.  What?  I'm just being honest.  My blog is a bs-free zone. 
So, I was driving when I heard a patter on my windshield, as if I drove through a sprinkler or maybe was driving behind a truck full of dirt & was sprayed.  But neither of those things had happened.  The window was dry & (mostly) clean. 

I was seriously confused and kept looking at my windshield as if an explanation would appear.  Then my sci-fi/fantasy reading instincts kicked in, and I figured that I had driven through a magical border or some kind or a force field.  Even as I told myself that it was nothing, I thought, "That's what humans always think.  They shrug it off and don't see what they don't want to see or understand."  And that's how aliens/faerykind/wizards/demons/vampires slowly take over our world without anyone being any the wiser.