In time of exams one doesn't always find times to relax, but I made it obligatory.
No more studying till I drop or not seeing friends for weeks. 
So yesterday, after just having four hours of sleep that night, I met with my best friend. 
We always end up doing the same, having lunch, shop, take pictures and off course chatting.
Always having a nice time.
Afterwards me and my boy went out for dinner and a movie. 
We finally watched the new Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides
Well, you maybe already see it coming... I felt inspired by the pirate theme. 
Though I didn't went for full on pirate gear, I had the idea in the back of my head while choosing.
I call this look Pirate-Chique :)
Off course this was the perfect opportunity to wear my new boots too. I like the fact that it's a overall black look, while the previous one was white. I'm all about contrasts, I guess...
I must admit that I loved the movie. Witty Johnny Depp just keeps on surprising and the beautiful Penelope is a nice addition! And you've got to love Gemma Ward as the evil mermaid!!!
Despite the tiredness and the exam of that day, I had a nice time.

The boots are proper pirate material. I officially call them "jingle bells"

I just love the lace of the dress

Wearing: Manigance jacket, Zara dress, Ken bag, Sacha boot and Fashionology earrings