Insomnia treatment- Instant stress relief!

In my previous articles, most of you would have identified some of the symptoms you may be facing. The most common symptom generally felt by many is feeling fatigue the first thing in the morning. Coffee seems to be the only beverage that seems to be working, but the number of cups seems to be increasing as one cup does not seem to be enough to keep you energetic anymore.

Are people doing anything to increase their quality sleep hours instead of doing something to increase their wake hours?

The mind has a great influence over the energetic body because it plays a significant part in the health of our energy body. It can either work for us, helping to balance the energy flow and bringing about good health, or it can work against us, causing disruptions and diminishing our overall health.

Conditions such as insomnia indicate that the body is struggling and that there are energetic imbalances, which will require time and effort to put right.

I have been searching for a method which can help give you instant stress relief when you can feel a knot at your forehead. Here is a tip which you may find useful:

Focus on two very effective stress-releasing points, on your forehead about 2.5 cm (1 inch) up from the center of your eyebrows. Do it consciously and direct your energy here when your mind refuses to relax down, or when you are unable to sleep, despite your body and mind being exhausted. 

Increased clarity
Holding your stress-releasing points for a minute or two can bring tremendous relief from the turmoil of the mind. Use them whenever tensions are building, when you feel the need for increased clarity, or when you think your inability to sleep is due to stress and anxiety.
  • Gently place your thumb and index or middle finder in position to induce calm.
  •  After a while, you will probably notice that your breathing deepens and flows more freely and that your mind is clearer as your thoughts become less congested.

      Use these methods when you are having a rough time during school or at work. If it works for you, teach others how to do it.

If you realized that this mini exercise is not helpful, your sleep condition could be more serious. 

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