Oh my Goth!

The fall is here and black is back from never going away. Much is change, but many things are still the same. Everyone needs some security to hold on to.
With this post I wanted to talk about the Goth issue. Many of you have probably noticed that the Goth image is more popular than ever right now. Fragile girls and boys wearing black torn clothes, adorned with crusifixes are a popular fenomenon. Today they're called nu-goth. Ok, so people love labels, and just plain 'Goth' not being enough, they decided to freshen it up. As fresh and 'new' as it may be, it get's a bit confusing for people who actually know something about the subculture. Don't get me wrong, I'm only happy to see these creatures on my computer screen, name or no name. I, myself, was never a fan of labels and I  refuse to categorize myself under any of them. If you really want to push me in box, you can call me alternative, I will not go further. I like too many different styles of music and dressing to fit into any category. I just have the freedom to be myself, every day, without feeling limited. And hope you do the same.

I do, definitely have a dark side, as I was always a lover of the macabre. So, this is another reflection of it.
Imagine, the woods, a hill with a small chapel on top, before it Jesus on the cross. Sounds like a beginning of a horror movie. But it isn't. The place looks just like I described it, and we pass it almost every weekend on our way home. It's mesmerizing, calm and peaceful. I wanted to shoot there for a long time and finally the moment has come. The outfit was just right. A little nostalgic, a little dark. 
I wanted to take my new dress from Forever 21 out. I looked for a perfect polka dot dress for ages. Combined with a little retro hairdo, and round sunglasses added a little edge to it, but still stayed romantic.

I'm happy with how the pictures turned out. The moment was just right, it was not too sunny or clouded, the forest was empty and still green. It was so calm and quiet. For a moment I just felt free of the daily world, routine and business of life. A place like this is kind of a sacred ground for me. It may be a surprise, but I'm religious. Only I don't discuss this part of my life, as it is considered private to me. 

Some day, I'll return there, for some new pictures, or just to take a walk.

I wore: Forever 21dress, Primark tights, H&M bag, Vintage sunglasses, Vecona brooch.