Some Causes of Insomnia

Insomnia is not a disease, but it is a phenomenon which has various causes, such as emotional disorders, physical disorders and drug use. Difficulty sleeping is common, both in young and elderly, and often occur in conjunction with emotional disorders like anxiety, restlessness, depression or fear. Sometimes a person difficult to sleep just because the body and brain is not tired.

Some Causes of Insomnia
With increasing age, sleep tends to decrease. Stages of sleep also change, stage 4 which became shorter and eventually disappear, and at all stages more awake. These changes, although normal, often makes parents think that they are not getting enough sleep. Patterns in the early morning wake up more often found in old age. Some people fall asleep normally but wake up several hours later and it is difficult to fall asleep again.

Sometimes they sleep in a state of restless sleep and was not satisfied. Built in the early morning, at any age, is a sign of depression. The person may experience disturbed sleep patterns are reversed sleep rhythm, they are not asleep at bedtime and wake up at bedtime.

This often occurs as a result of:
  1. Jet lag (especially if traveling from east to west).
  2. Working at night.
  3. Frequently changing work hours.
  4. Excessive alcohol use.
  5. Drug side effects (sometimes).
  6. Damage to the brain (due to encephalitis, stroke, Alzheimer's disease).