Insomniac lyrics (a song by Billy Pilgrim)

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Insomniac lyrics
Insomniac lyrics (a song by Billy Pilgrim)

I can see you and I don't even know you
falling into the sheets at night

Place my hand flat on my chest

Feel the heartbeat back the night

I've tried counting sheep and I've
talked with the shepherd

Played with my pillow forever and ever

I sit alone and I watch the clock

I breathe in on the tick and out on the tock

I can hear your bare feet on the kietchen floor
and I don't have to have these dreams no more

I've found someone who can pull me tight
and hold the insomniac all night

Dig my head down deep so I can't hear the cars
outside on the street and the stars are laughing

They get a kick out of my misery

I've tried everything short of Aristotle
to Dramamine and the whiskey in the bottle

I pray for the day when my ship comes in
when I can sleep the sleep of the just again

# Chorus

Hold the insomniac all night

Hold me

I can keep on dreaming

Hold me

# Chorus

I can't sleep...