Pillows position affects on soundly sleep

Do you ever feel pain in the neck, back and shoulders when you wake in the morning? If so, then try to correct sleep position and layout of your pillow. Being tired after a day of work makes us want to immediately lay down on the bed and immediately sleep. However, what happens the next day instead of all the body feels pain. Do not immediately blame the quality of our sleep, but check out our sleeping position and the pillow first. The correct sleeping position is the key to get up immediately in the morning without pain or illness. This was conveyed by Dawn Underwood, DPT, OCS, physical therapist from the Mayo Clinic.

Pillows position affects on soundly sleep
How to sleep on his side, put a pillow in the head and between his knees. If necessary, add a rolled towel under waist. This will help relieve tension in the joints of the spine and maintain the normal contour of the bone.

How to sleep on their backs, maintain the normal contour of the spine and knees make us more comfortable by putting a pillow under his head and knees. Add the rolled towel in the lower back if necessary.

How to sleep on my stomach, put a pillow under your pelvis and when we need to add a rolled towel around the ankle or feet near the eyes. This method is very good to reduce pain for people who experience swelling of the spine pads.

How to sleep changes, increase the health of our spine contour as optimal as possible by improving the position of pillows that are tailored to the starting position to sleep every time we awake.

Tip: It is sufficient to use only one pillow for the head and neck. For people who have a habit of sleeping on your stomach, avoid the head with a pillow. This condition will make the spine becomes strained. Hopefully useful, and have a soundly sleep..!