As you can see I do my level best to update frequently. Although I must be studying...
January is a month when I don't leave the house very often, due to exams.
It's not such a bad thing, because December is a very busy month. All of the college dead lines, combined with a high stress level and afterwards all the holiday parties, leave me exhausted at the end of December.

December not only holds Christmas and New Year, but for me it's also my birthday.
All this means getting and giving presents. I equally love both. Actually, I love giving more as it holds, carefully planning and searching for the right presents. The last month has been, what you can call, fruitful on that level.
So I decided to show you some of the presents I got from friends and from myself too :)

Some of the cards that I got for these holidays.

Dyrberg/Kern pendant I got for myself. This quote has to be my new motto: 
'To not dare is to have already lost'.


So, this is a present I bought for me, yes. I wanted this watch for about three years. I know it's very popular among bloggers, but I wasn't aware of that at that moment. Anyhow, it's a classic silver watch that suits almost anything. It's also the first thing from the recent wish list that I posted. Check! I wasn't used to wear a watch, but now I can't take it off!

On the right are the beautiful Swarovski earrings I got from my best friend, they sparkle like crazy! Bliiing!
On the bottom a bracelet from Butler & Wilson. My boyfriend made me choose my present for Christmas.
They have it in different sizes and colors, so the choice wasn't easy. The bracelet was also on my wish list. Ok, I cheated, because it was already ordered by the time I made it :p So, check again! Pretty sure I'll buy the gold one too!

My boyfriend also gave me a book about Radio Modern, a Belgian retro party organization. More about it soon. He also gave me a new pair of leather gloves, from COS and the Adele dvd, love*
Maybe you recognized that green box, it's from La DurĂ©e. My best friend bought it for me in Paris. 
The macarons didn't survive long enough to take pictures of, but the box will be a perfect for jewelry.
I can't tell you how happy I am with everything I got that last month.

And these are the cuff links I got for my boyfriend. They're also from Butler & Wilson. He didn't know that at the time I ordered the bracelet, but now we have matching accessories :)

And now back to saving money, I hope...

What did u get for the holidays?