Rich girl

So after posting my realistic wishlist a while ago, I decided to get crazy and dream a little. Ok, a lot. We all wonder how it is to be rich sometimes, well at least those who aren't rich already. It's not a secret that I'm kind of bad at saving money, but I'm working on it. It isn't my goal to be rich, but we all like to dream away. And this is how this wishlist came to life. I'll probably never be able to afford most things on it, unless some distant rich relative leaves me a big fat inheritance. But I suppose the chances of it are non-existing. Or I could win a lottery, off course you have to participate first, but still... Or just start saving up money.
In the mean time we just can have fun while making these endless wish-wishlists.

On top of it is a shearling biker jacket and the Proenza Schouler PS1 bag. I'd also buy me a pair of Alexander Wang's Simona sandals, probably in different colors. Because I can! Also, being a huge jewelry addict, I'd add some sparkle to brighten up the day.
About the iPhone, I already decided that it'll be my next cell phone. But for now I'm still ok with my pink Nokia. Who knows, maybe somewhere this year or next year it'll be mine. Better save up :)

What's on your ultimate wishlist?!