Here's the second part of my Kirilove experience from last Friday.
As I promised a closer look at my outfit and also some snaps from my personal shoot that night.
It was extremely hard to pick an outfit for that night, because I went into town first and it needed to be practical,warm and fashionable at the same time. This outfit may not show it, but I had so many layers on that I ended up sweating the whole night. Not very glamorous, I know!

Thanx to Annebeth for snapping this picture 

I wore: Zara jeans shirt, Vintage skirt, Davina jacket, Sacha shoes, Michael Kors watch, Butler & Wilson skull bracelet.
I don't remember where I bought my necklace anymore.

And to Paulien for this one

I chose this jacket from the collection Prints Rock The World for my shoot. I like the green color a lot!

To sum up the night, I had so much fun and ended up pulling on my braids and winking in too many pictures.
My left eye wink is a phenomenon that pops up at parties too often, must pay more attention to it :)