Smart tips to overcome Lack of Sleep

Smart tips to overcome Lack of Sleep
How to overcome lack of sleep, there is someone who can resolve themselves, there are others who need expert handling. What are the causes and how to solve it? Sleep is a basic requirement for humans. As the machine need repaired, the body also need to get new energy. With enough sleep and quality, we can start a new day with a fresh body and clear mind.

According to the study, every human being spends one-fourth to one third of all activities during the day to sleep. However, not everyone can enjoy a good sleep. Many problems cause a person can not or difficult to sleep soundly.

Unfortunately, almost everyone has experienced trouble sleeping. Based on a study, it is known that one in three people experiencing harassment and one of nine people have sleep problems seriously enough. It is certain that the condition of disturbed sleep results in the emergence of various complaints.

The decline in concentration, mood disturbance or mood that makes it easy angry and offended, anxious and depressed, immune deficiencies, easily tired, distracted appearance, pain, is an effect that would happen when we lack sleep. A study on sleep problems has been done in America for hundreds of men at intervals of between 25-60 years of age. The respondents were asked to not sleep for days.

The result, after 4-8 days (depending on the ability of each respondent), have not looked serious physical deterioration. After that period, within 24 hours of no sleep, symptoms of serious mental disorders is already visible, such as irritability, memory loss, arising hallucinations, illusions, and others. However, the disorder can be overcome by giving people the opportunity to sleep sufficiently.

Body and Brain

According to Dr. Hermawan Suryadi, Sp.S of Clinical neuropsychiatric and Revitalization, Jakarta, sleep is not just resting the body, but also the brain. Cerebral cortex, the major part of the brain or the highest mental functions are used to remember, imagine or visualize, evaluate and give a reason, an important organ that should receive priority for the activity of sleep.

Some experts have examined the relationship of muscle and brain or the human mind when sleeping. It found that during sleep, the mind and muscles mutually stimulate each other. Muscle tension causes the cortex (outer layer of gray brain) continued to be active, while the brain causes the muscle tension continued to be active. Fatigue will reduce the rhythm of the working muscles, as well as in times of rest, so all this will reduce activity in the cortex.

Decreased activity of the cortex that will cause the muscles more relaxed. Once the stimulation of mind and muscle decreases, we will be drowsy and fell asleep. While sleep is the heart beats more slowly, reducing blood pressure, dilated blood vessels, and body temperature also dropped about 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit, but the stomach and intestines to keep working.

During sleep, your body will not ever move. Movement as much as 20-40 times is still considered normal. More than that means the person is experiencing problems. Disorders arise from lack of synchronization between the mind and muscle. Our minds will be difficult to fall asleep when the muscles are still tense. Instead, it will be difficult for the muscles to fall asleep when the mind is not calm.

People said to be healthy and normal when it climbed into the bed, approximately 30 minutes was asleep. There are even people who once kissed the pillow, within 3-5 minutes was instantly asleep. To get to the direction that it takes a lot of conditions, such as rooms, beds, or a comfortable pillow, and so on.

Know the Symptoms
By understanding this process as Dr. Tb. Erwin Kusuma, Sp.KJ, Specialist and Family Clinic psychiatrist Prorevital Jakarta, stating that the sleep problem is not simple.

Not only does lack of sleep could be the problem, but also oversleep. Therefore, the quality of sleep does not lie in the amount of time that we use, but depending on the extent of the brain, muscles, and the soul consolidated during sleep.

Dr. Suryantha Chandra, Sp.KJ, a psychiatrist from the Sanatorium Dharmawangsa explained that sleep disorders can be divided into three forms, namely: insomnia, hyperinsomnia, and parasomnias. Insomnia is difficult to fall asleep and maintaining sleep. Hypersomnia is a sleep disorder that looks sleeping too much, always in the daytime sleepiness (somnolence), or sometimes sleeping and drowsiness continued both day and night.

Parasomnia is an abnormal phenomenon that occurs suddenly during sleep or arise at the border between sleep and waking. Symptoms of parasomnias include sleepwalking, sleep terrors are characterized by delirium, sleep paralysis. Other symptoms that we can see, among others, snoring and tooth gemerutuk. Many of the symptoms of the disorder is not known by the concerned. However, according to Dr. Erwin, we can check whether we really sleep soundly or not. How, with attention to physical and mental symptoms that occur after sleep.

"Usually when people do not sleep well, wake up when his body was sore and not fresh, also his mind," said the doctor who also practiced at Gatot Subroto Army Hospital, Jakarta.

Symptoms such as these must be considered. If not, is tantamount to letting the disease lives in us. Affirmed Dr. Hermawan that sleep is the most important for the body to regenerate cells and hormones of the body.

"Therefore, lack of sleep means we accumulate toxins or waste in the body. If this continually happens, people can get old," said the doctor who received his Diploma of American Board of Sleep Medicine of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Still Mystery
In general, the causes of sleep disorders can be traced from existing symptoms (insomnia, hypersomnia, and parasomnias). Dr. Chandra said that the causes of insomnia include:

Medical conditions that cause pain or unpleasant conditions. Examples of central nervous disorders, rheumatism, endocrine and metabolic diseases, dietary factors, the impact of psychoactive substances break up, infectious diseases, cancer, elderly, and otherr. Psychiatric conditions or factors of environmental change. For example: anxiety, tension, depression, moodiness, schizophrenia, post-traumatic anxiety disorder, recently moved house, a trip out of town or overseas (jet lag), and so on.

The cause of hypersomnia include:
Medical conditions: hereditary (genetic), menstruation, metabolic or toxic conditions, encephalitic conditions (inflammation or infection of brain tissue), treatment with a depressant (substances that suppress the function of the body or neurological function), the effects of alcohol, withdrawal state of stimulant (cocaine , ecstasy, methamphetamines such as shabu-shabu). Syndrome resembling narcolepsy or narcolepsy, sleep apnea, hypoventilation syndrome (slow and short of breath), lack or sleep state is not qualified.

Psychiatric conditions: depression (in part), avoidance reactions, sleep disorders, circadian rhythm. Especially for parasomnias, many experts who do not know the cause. Research is still ongoing to this one issue. This is also confirmed by Dr.. Hermawan. "Why do people sleep walk and how often appeared gemerutuk teeth, it's a still a mystery to this day," he said.

Self Diagnosis
Some sleep problems exist that can be resolved solely by the individual concerned and the other requires a doctor's help. To fix this we need to perform self-diagnosis or recognize the problem first. If you already own can be known, would no longer need to consult a doctor. For example, if the interference was coming from an uncomfortable bed, we should replace it.

If the problem is difficult to know, we need the help of a doctor or psychiatrist to resolve it. Usually the psychiatrist will help in two ways, namely the proper medication and therapy. Gradually, the therapist will seek to drugs not used at all. We can also come in a competent specialist physicians about sleep disorders. There we will be physically inspected and detected with a tool to find the cause of disturbance. Thanks for reading these article about Smart tips to overcome Lack of Sleep, Good Luck...!