Coachella and some other dreams

Here I am again, at last. Not much has changed except the fact that I've been working my ass off the last few weeks. The weather is horrible and I'm sick again, the usual. The last week of my internship is kicking in tomorrow. It was an intense, but a pleasant ride which'll stay with me for a long time.
But back to blogging here, I'm not gonna lie, I didn't have the time to snap new pictures and the weather wasn't much helpful too. Hoping to post some new stuff next weekend. 

For now a dose of escapism. Daydreaming is an inexpensive, but a frustrating hobby at times.
I'm sunny person, even if you can't tell at first, I love warm temperatures, the summer with ice cream and it's warm nights. Summer also means festivals. Luckily we have some great festivals in Belgium that combine a lot of different genres for every music lover. But in festival land there's something known as Coachella.
Over the years it has become more than a festival, but the place to spot some of the biggest celebrities (I'm screaming DITA here) or being spotted yourself. Not a lot of festivals around here are as trendy (/hipster like) as Coachella. A desert as a setting is pretty neat too, you don't have to fear you'll be hit by pouring rain and pools of mud as a result.
The most important thing is still music, though! What I like about Coachella is that it combines a lot of different artists and genres. Perfect for musical omnivores such as myself. 
There's only one minor detail here, it's located on another continent, but nothing that a plane and a fat bank account can't cross these days. So while I wait for a winning ticket or an inheritance from a distant millionaire relative, I go through this celebrities snap shots and dream away once more.
Dreaming about the sun burning on my skin, the smell of grass and some great music blazing from every corner. That's what freedom looks like to me.

My beloved Dita, 39 and stunning!

Best hair ever!!

We'd be total besties, I can feel it!


Peace and swag and studs and Chanel!

Kitty goes Crafting

OMG moments of Coachella 2012:


Beloved Dita kissing (and dating, DUH) beloved Theo! What an unexpected but pleasant surprise!
God bless the interwebz!