Wearing: H&M trench, Primark tights, Asos shoes, Prada sunnies, Martha earrings & ring

This is actually the cover up of my previous outfit. It is still quite chilly outside and my playsuit 
was short. I think this trench and the burgundy make a good match. I'm kind of into matching outfits, actually. Sometimes I hate that about my style, at times I'd like it to be more eclectic. 
But the whole thing just depends on my mood swings. 
But let me tell you, not all of it was matching. We bumped into that church door while looking 
for a place to shoot. Big was my surprise when I saw that the door totally matched the whole burgundy theme. 

As for daily life, not much has been 'up'. I haven't left the house in three days. Actually I barely 
left my desk. I spend my day typing on the last piece of work for college and it has been
draining all of my powers. I can't wait till I'm finally finished with it. And I can be free for at least a week before I start preparing for the last final battle of college life. I've been studying for five years
and I'm done with it. Though starting on the job market freaks me out quite a bit as well. 
One step at a time, though, must slay that paper first.

And an epic picture to end the post (insert drum roll here*)