Casual sporty

Well, sporty never really been in my vocabulary, nor in my wardrobe (for at least 8 years), but recently I've been trying to change both things. You all know those new year resolutions, working out is on 90% of them, I'm sure. It always is on mine, but due to lack of time and general laziness, it stays a resolution. I've been doing some home work outs, so it's something.
What concerns my wardrobe, these days I enjoy a laid back style, especially in daily routines. 
I'm yet another fan of the wedge sneaker trend. After looking for an alternative, 'cause let's admit it, just the lucky few can afford them, I found nothing I liked. Nothing! And instead of paying 200 euros for something I didn't like, I paid much less for something I did. Yes, Ebay and I are friends. I know some people are screaming how much they hate fake goods, I hate them too. Off course something with logo's or names on it is a big NoNo, but for the rest of it... If you buy something from a high street brand as H&M and Zara, well, it's still the same. That's called picking up trends. There can be a long discussion about it, but that's just my opinion.
All I know is I've been enjoying my new wedge sneakers a lot, been wearing them every day and quite happy with it. You love it or you hate it :)

I wore this outfit throughout the weekend, I switched to shorts too. I wore it to a trip to Tilburg, Netherlands. Me and my boyfriend made a little city trip to visit the Nature History Museum and to go to the show of Black Veil Brides. I'll show you some pictures soon. We also finally went to see The Hunger Games, I liked it. Bought the first two books to read.

I accidently knocked out the biggest stone out of my favorite Vivienne Westwood brooch. Still so sad about it, need to fix it!

Wearing: Mango blazer, Takko shirt, H&M jeans & necklace, Ebay sneakers, Michael Kors watch, Vivienne Westwood orb brooch, Zara bag, Butler & Wilson skull bracelet.