If you live in Belgium and Netherlands Sacha is the 'go to' for trendy and affordable shoes. 
I, myself have quite a lot of pairs from Sacha. I especially love their boots!
In the time when every respectable brand has a webshop, Sacha couldn't stay behind. The Belgian webshop is now a fact and we were invited to the launch party to test it. Even my migraine and face disaster couldn't stop me. That's how far a girl will go for shoes!

I must say that the webshop is very practical and easy to use. But what's the most exciting thing about webshops? Well, shopping, like DUH! And shop we did. We could choose a pair of shoes from the Sacha webshop. I had my mind set on the studded pair of Chloé lookalike boots. I wanted them for a long time and I know I'll wear them plenty. Now I'm just waiting for Mr. Postman to ring the doorbell!

In the meantime some pictures from the launch.

Loved these studded wedge sneakers as well!

I can't wait for the day that my shoes are going to be displayed on shelves, instead of hiding in boxes. Sooon! I've got major plans for a walk in closet/work space in our house.